Saturday, January 28, 2017

My most recent logo design for McDonough Communications. An abstract, simple letter-based logo possessing style, integrity and a timeless quality.
Chosen among many entries this month, I was privileged to design the best logo to represent this online podcast. Bold, clever and eye-catching.
My recent logo for an adventure and physical training business where all participants are in for the long haul. A subtle compass is embedded within the font with the client wanting the "N" letter distinctively orange.

A contemporary and creative "A" letter logo for a graphic design business. It was chosen best among many contributors.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Consulting Business Logo

My recent logo for a consulting business was chosen from among dozens of other designer proposals. An abstract and minimalist approach suggesting a soaring and a break-out of the routine to achieve goals. Shown in business card form here, the colors coordinate with their current website. The font letters are modern with certain letters echoing the angle of the design element.

Sunny Day Dog Logo

Mid-year of 2015 this winning logo was chosen as best in show. A company logo for a local dog care and grooming business. This was a fun logo to work on. Getting the right stance, weight and age of the dog was time-consuming but well worth the effort for my client.

Church Building Campaign Logo

Here is another recent winning logo for the Earle St. Baptist church's building campaign. The sunrise is a promise of a new day and the fields are abstractly suggested on a rolling landscape in the foreground. Warm and inviting colors add to the appeal along with a classy, modified font. My suggested scripture passage was also welcomed as a way for the congregation to support the program.